Thursday, January 17, 2008

Behind Closed Doors

Is it you?
Is it me?
Is it her?
Is it he?

I at first assumed it was 3
But now 4
In my home
That whore!

Doing things I don't
Doing things I won't
Doing things I tried
Tell me why you lied?

In my face smiling
Behind my back wiling
All along knowing
That you was hoe-ing

Giving away goods I thought were mines
Never answering your cell the 1st time
Calling me back wit lame excuses
If it slapped you in the face you wouldn't know what truth is

But I gotta secret
You remember those meetings?
And what a meeting it was
Why I did it? Just because

In front of my face I was betrayed
Love and affection that was mines you gave away
So in another mans bed I did lay
But I did not stay

He had her picture
The sista that was wit you
The one you hugged the sheets wit all nite
Was this mans wife

I couldn't do it
Screw it
In a city so small
I knew it

Trying to be triflin like you
I messed up me
In hindsight I can see
I should of just let it be

Now heartbroken and confused
My pride and ego bruised
Feeling so lost and abused
I lose

But don't think you win
In the nxt chapter the drama really begins
I just found abt her and he doesn't know abt you
But NOW we do




Anonymous said...

Oh wow! The flow. The message. The imagery. The lesson. The reality.

The ish!

Nicely done.

Ali's Zay said...

Oh damn! Like that huh? I'm gonna follow this very closely.

Peace and Love,

Ali's Zay (

Angelia... said...

Well Now, I am feeling this peace, keep on doing, what you doing BABY...

angelia aka mama deep

clnmike said...

A lot of venom in that one.

MzPoetiK said...

Many thanks to all I was nervous abt how my 1st piece here would go over.

Glad you liked!!


MsPuddin said...

N*ggas is trifling!
Everyone at some point has been there…got to let it out…

Blu Jewel said...

Now that's some fine story telling right there. I felt like I was watching a movie line by line. You spoke volumes right here!

Mega Rich said...

No doubt, a crowd favorite. I was digging it. But imagine my surprise when I originally thought a certain male writer was the author and I thought it was female on female and male on male until I saw MzPoetic at the end of the trail. I reread again, got the real story and ended with a grin.

Good Job, keep up the good work.

MzPoetiK said...

mspuddin- ain't they! lol

blu- Thank You

mega- you got me crackin up right now...I'm glad u liked it :)


James Tubman said...


reading this made it seem like it happened to me lol

i don't even want to think about a woman i'm with cheating

men do it all the time so i guess that's why it's harder for us to take it

G-Sweet said...

damn!.... thats deep... and WELL expressed!... good shit!

BloggersDelight said...

MzPoetik - this is a moving piece, indeed.

We are not sure if you want this to be considered for the First Annual Readers' Choice Award (please read the criteria again). We DO hope you will continue to submit work.

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, that was sooooo good! Loved it!

MzPoetiK said...

James-lol thanks and EXACTLY lol

gsweet- Thank You :)

BD- Thanks and I sure will

Miz- Thanks soooo much :)

Elle said...

Oooh I felt that!

Virtuous said...

Okay why I gotta come over here to read your new material!!

Good work MzP!! :o)

Mica said...

Well alright then!!! This was good...