Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Misplaced Pride

Loose lips fly with cuss words
Going high up in the air
No longer stare
In disbelief at the sound of a ghetto kids negative
speak Lord,
speak to me
about what it’s like
They don’t act like they want to live good
Can you believe what you see after all these years?

Cats hanging on the corner till deep in the night
Time to go to work after hearing beats and laughter because
Niggas only do what they see as right

Proud to be a nigga
Don’t want to do no betta
Unless that means getting some rims, smoking something mild and
Perpetrating the fraud of a life blown up phat’r
Can you tell me what’s happening to the black
People need to rise up and do something about this shit.

Male niggas lust after hood rats
Whose babies done infiltrated good black folk’s spot
These kids playing on other folks grass
Is not like the dirt pad in front of their crib

Tell me who’s to blame
For all the trash on the block
That apparently no one dropped
Can’t count on niggas to stop and pick up
The fight
Too busy thinking about self to care

“fuck you looking at, nigga”

Heads shake to keep from fighting
This negativity with hands
On the trigger
Maybe if we was bigger balled

Psychological disease called Racial Self Hatred
Running deep
Through the veins of the people
Who are ashamed to
See nigga’s coming
they running from the images of
too many black folks
proud to be niggas.


Ali's Zay said...

DAYUM dude! When is your next open mic? And how to I get a front-row seat? This is some tight, for-real shit right hear.

Peace and Love,

Alizé (LoversA.blogspot.com)

Mizrepresent said...

Tell it brother Rich!

Don said...

I can read stuff like this all night long. I like when you roll it out like this.

Learned behavior I'd say. Nine times out of ten, it manifest itself.

CapCity said...

DITTO Zay & e'reybody!!! THIS IS DA TRUFFFF!!!!!

U need to create a Utube of U performing this one!!

Faith said...

Well spoken! i Feel you on this

Anonymous said...

The truth often has a bitter bitter taste...but we need to drink it anyway.
[looking for someone to pass it to]

nikki said...

you ain't speaking nothing but the truth.

BloggersDelight said...

Powerful and truth. Great piece, Mega Rich.