Saturday, December 8, 2007


You touched me
Not with your hands
But with your mind
You dug deep
Penetrating the core of me
Peeling away layers of pain, hope
Exposing, exploring, yet somewhat enjoying…me
You touched me
Not with your lips
And yet, your kiss I will forever remember…and forever miss
You touched me
You breathe life into a new me
My soul aches for
One more moment
One more glance into you
Because when I see, hear…you
I see, hear, feel…me
And I remember again
How you touched me.


lea78 said...

I know that's right. the passion and the pain that you feel for this person is captured in a beautiful way

MzPoetiK said...

Very nice drop!! the power of touch...

Queen of My Castle said...

You never cease to amaze

BloggersDelight said...

Mizrepresent - we are deeply touched that you would share that wonderful poem here. Thank you.