Wednesday, December 5, 2007

King Me

I reason the possibility of wrong
Wrestling against its force

Unbind my mind
Put me back on course

Pray for strength against demons that lay force to my door
No, not interested…“your kegel’s tight?”…Hmm…tell me more.

Patiently they wait for me to fall into a deep lull
Taunting, teasing, offering – “I got that popping skull.”

You won’t know what hit you
Sample the album for a minute
Never long play, the harmony long gone

Left to pick up the pieces
Ashes remain

In need of the King.


MzPoetiK said...

Deep...Interesting...Nice :)

David Sullivan said...

Sometimes its right to be wrong!

KreativeMix said...

pretty interesting!!

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Happy Hanukkah!

Anonymous said...

Bruh! Singing my song in G minor! Feelin ERRR BITADAT!
Well done.

BloggersDelight said...

It would be a great thing if the world's minds could all be unbound. Thank you for sharing this, Mega Rich.