Monday, December 3, 2007

The Fusion of Souls

I did not want to want you

With efforts so strong, so obvious

I fought, avoided you fiercely

Who knew

You would slowly penetrate

A barrier, a shield

I surrounded myself with

Gradually like petal falling from a flower

Something between us began to happen

Talking, laughing, playing

Layers we insulated our souls with fell

We began to see each other in a whole different light

Along the way there was always resistance

We were both apprehensive

The mystery of why were being pulled together

By forces invisible, yet strong with a tangible presence

The masks began to slide from our faces

The clarity became sharp and clear

We could see into each other’s souls

We both sensed the pain we each suffered

Understandings developed

Then the journey of our souls began

Our souls caressed

Mentally, emotionally, we became connected

Intense feelings that could not be contained were released

Confused, reluctant, we ventured into a domain

We both had closed ourselves off from for so long

Boundaries were crossed

The freedom of flight lifted us

Physically, we joined

Going to heights, approaching edges

We knew would be risky

And we held each other through turbulence

Letting our souls touch, enmesh

In those of moments of ecstasy

Our souls began to fuse

©Shai Lynn Kai Davis


Anonymous said...

Necesito tu voz en mi blog .


Mizrepresent said...

Shai, i loved this! I guess the muse has returned!

Shai said...

Thanx Miz. This piece is 7 years old. I did some tweaking for submission to the Bloggers' Anthology.

Unfortunately, 'puter probs caused me to miss the deadline. :(

This piece has gone through editing and I may tweak it some more, it will be a part of my poetry book.

lady tee said...

This is beautiful. I love it! You are so talented!

Mega Rich said...

That was nice. Keep sharpening those irons and you'll draw blood every time.

MzPoetiK said...

Very nice write!!

Anonymous said...

Shai, I know it's a trite saying but this really is on point. You encapsulate a journey of two together so succinctly. I can't imagine what tweaking you would do but "she's good as she sits.'

BloggersDelight said...

Such Heart! We are "delighted" that you have joined our list of contributors, Ms. Davis. Thank you for sharing this here.