Monday, December 17, 2007

Good Morning


He smiled
Sweet almond oil
Anointed her body
After a fresh shower
Amber musk woven
Into the tapestry
In all scents
Naturally associated with her

6,7, 8, 9, 10

Chocolate tips mounds
Honey colored skin
He sighed
Etching in his mind
His lips meeting
Every inch of her skin
Exhalations from her
As he treated her
To a delicious ride
On the edge of explosion

11, 12, 13, 14…

He got caught in the wave
Him entering her
In and out
Out and in
His endowment
Cocooned in her sugar walls
Sweating mixing
Skin meeting
Not knowing where
They began or ended
The last thrust took them
Over to the clouds of heaven


He forgot
Where he was
"Mister, Isn’t this your floor"
"You pushed the elevator
For the 33rd floor"
"Oh" he laughed
Regaining his composure
Hoping his internal thoughts
Did not portray
Him in the southern area

He stepped off
Right before the doors
He was back at home
In his kingdom
Where his queen
Gave him a wonderful
Good morning

©Shai Lynn K. Davis


Lyrically speaking said...

Very nice, I enjoyed reading this :)

Anonymous said...

...and out of nowhere she comes...strong (no pun intended)

Queen of My Castle said...

Wow! Really liked this one.

James Tubman said...

oh yeah

i've had moments like that

unfortunately i was driving once and i had to come back to reality real quick

but i guess that's how you know it was good

when you are about to be killed on the highhway thinking about it

anyway, stop by my site

i got a post i want all brothers to see


Shai said...

Thanks James, actually I am a woman. I stopped by your blog and found it interesting.

Femigog said...

AH! I love this!

Cante said...

Liking it,liking it and still liking it!
I can also see the REAL hiphop playlist.Who could have known?

Mizrepresent said...

Oh yeah Shai, that was hot! Me likey!

Mega Rich said...

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the author's name. I was digging that. I was like, look at Shai, bringing it! Keep doing your thang girl. Come on out of that shell.

BloggersDelight said...