Monday, December 10, 2007


Stalking your shadow.
Dogging your footsteps.
How long will it take
for you to slow your pace just enough for capture?

Grains of broken glass in every sip
i take across from no one, and not you.
Each kiss against lips not yours
strips skin from flesh until
a blazing heart is exposed and bleeding through a barbed wire reality.

When you rise so too does the day.
And when you rest the night is upon all.
How many rotations before, dizzy and stricken,
the pull of you is too great
and there is a great and mythic tragedy to recount?


Anonymous said...

My friend, had I written this, I would have applied Matt 6:33. It seems that the character is seeking with great enthusiasm and intensity. Second stanza screams not only a lack of fulfillment in common pursuits but a degredation and even endangerment to life. Third stanza expresses hope and knowledge of the reality that all revolves around the target of the pursuit. The last few lines seem to indicate that resistance (to the light) is futile. I look at the mythic tragedy from the perspective of the darkness that loses you to the light.

See how that works?

You're not trying to become a "sneaky Christian poet" are you? LOL

Nicely done.

lea78 said...

Beautiful Femi. I really like this. It's funny that sojourner was the first comment, b/c I read the first few lines and scrolled down to see if it was him. I was shocked when I saw your name. But I really shouldn't have been b/c your writing skills are amazing and this proves there is no limit for your pen. Stay blessed!

Mega Rich said...

I'm learning your style Femi - slowly but surely - I'm digging this. I haven't read the scripture Sojourner suggested, but the theme I captured from this seems to resonate a similar view as the one he described above. Good work

KimPossible said...

Great post. I love your writing. You definitely captivate with your words and you paint the picture well.

Happy Friday!

Check out my blog spot today. Interesting topic.

Mizrepresent said...

This was excellent Femi, so precise and visual.

Muze said...

wow. this is lovely. great writing.

Shai said...

Excellent writing.

BloggersDelight said...

Ms. Femigog - this piece is beautiful and haunting. Thank you.