Monday, June 8, 2009

Mourning My Life

How I miss my life
The simple act of breathing
Warm rain falling down on my upturned smile
Washing me clean of the world's cares
As long as I had you

Slow dancing
Your body close to mine
Breathing your air
With only ghosts on the periphery
You and I ascending to the stars
Feeling the moon's envy
All of you in my soul
Through the windows of my eyes
Inspired, Miss Scott serenades
I am the words
You are the music

Laughing, talking, crying,
The complex simplicity of holding your hand
Owning the universe
Through the might you tenderly empowered
Being all that a man is...everything
Conquering all with single purpose
Placing it as an offering at your feet
Thankful for my life

Living for you
In you
My whole reason for existing
I love you with my whole heart
Longing to die this way
Nothing without you

Tasting your sweat
Ears burn from your breath
Skin broken beneath your delicious nails
Loamy aroma of cherry almonds
Your body writhing at my touch
Gasping moans singing my song
Draining my life, replenishing my spirit
Lulling me into unconsciousness
Waking dreams of eternity
Into completeness with you

I miss my life so much

I wonder if he knows what he has

© SojournerG 2009 All rights reserved

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