Saturday, January 3, 2009

Each One, Teach One!

by Christoph J.

I get inspired!/ To lift HIS name higher and higher/ I admire those who get excited for Christ/It's nice to see young people get enticed by the truth/The youth of today tend to jump off the roof/ Or the bridge/ Cuz they see their friends do it/ Seems like there's nothin' to it/ Got friends named NIKE/ JUST DO IT!/ ...Who's it?/ You're it!/ Tag the next youngsta/ Who stands amongst the...crowd/ Have 'em vow to stand for/ More than just what's average/ Tell that young boy that he's "That One"/ Not a Maverick/ Teach him the way/ Don't preach him away!/ Live a life worth following/ Hallowing thy name in the process/ Encourage progress/ Not sex before marriage/ But if the baby carriage comes before the broom has been jumped over/ Tell that boy to be a man and stand/ Not to stand slumped over, Sad/ Mad cuz his Dad wasn't there to teach him/ We have to reach him/ Before the world does/ Because if we don't/ His child won't have a chance.

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