Tuesday, September 30, 2008



that's what people in the society do
that's what the media and tabloids do
that's what the school history books do
that's what's unrealistic hip hop do
that's what prejudice do
that's what ignorance do
with fucking lies
about living in a world
where we violently pretend to be
just perfect
bringing others down
with racism
self hate/jealous
all kinds of things we created
to make us more better
and i think it's fucking stupid
cos nobody is better than nobody
so go and read a certain realest book
only to find the TRUTH...

©2008 Kai C.


The.Stranger said...

Love the blog. The world is corrupted and thats y i walk on this earth with my hands on my nuts

Shai said...

Whew! Kai, gurl you cussing. I know some really ticked you off. That was a very powerful and poignant poem. That is pure truth. I am printing it out and put it with my fav poets pieces.

Kai C. said...

somebody has to say something about this. i am gad you read and get an idea. the world is definitely brainwashed and it made me sick.


I love your blogs, looking forward to your future udates.

Mizrepresent said...

Dang kai C, gurl you did that! lol! I am...so energized by this!

Rich said...

Yeah Kai, you finally took the gloves off. Good job (that doesn't mean you have to cuss - LOL)

Somebodies Friend said...

I love this poem, it is soooo right on.

You hit it right on the head.

There is to many haters out there, this world is full of them, and they want to bring everybody down with them.

Standing up for what is right is the only thing to do, if we don't do it, who will?

Kai C. said...

thanks everyone! sorry i cussed but it had to be said in this statement.

CapCity said...

alright, Kai! Hey, don't apologize for how U were MOVED to express.

Kai C. said...

thanks capcity!

krystyna said...

oh... Yes!
I couldn't agree more, Kai.

Love & hugsss