Friday, August 22, 2008

Show Me

This is a piece I am working on thought I would share....enjoy. :)

I Love you
Lord knows I do
You mean the world to me
Yet you could mean more
It's true that you can conquer and save the world
Fly the highest skies
And swim the deepest seas
But I'm begging you please
Please shed these superficial barriers
Defined by this material world that you see
Dig deep inside and show me what it is you have been conditioned to hide
My love is without condition as cannot be denied
Peel away the years of heartache and misery
And show me your past present and future
Your spirit, your destiny
Baby I am begging you
I know the things you can do
I know the things that you say
But I need to know what you feel
What is inside of you
I need to know the real you
So enough with the hiding and playing games
It's time to grow up and face yourself
Face the fear and show what is inside
Show me who you really are
I feel like an outsider trying to look in
And I just need you to show me,
Show me that you are human


Kai C. said...


N. Steven said...

ooof. i felt this one. and i like it. nicely done.

MysTery said...

Thanks :)