Saturday, August 23, 2008

Savory as if cinnamon on butter

Toes in sandals, or heels with paint

Orange, red, blue, brown

Taste like citrus and cane sugar on my tongue

As the crease of your wrist

As the crease inside your arm

As finger barely stroke the flesh to frisson

The aroma of your hair in my nostrils

flesh, on ears

Gently plucked with a voice sodden with wishes

Wasted in erections to come

Sedulous as nutmeg sprinkled

On blueberry cheese cakes

Licked off in slow motion

So let me taste your soul

With the glow of my lips

Let me chew your spirit with my penchant

Let me fill my lungs with your aesthetic

She is delicious




CapCity said...

Ooooh, T-Dawg, I LIKE this side of U;-)

Kai C. said...


A New Man said...

Too deep to get under...

Nice work, All-Mi-T.

Mizrepresent said...

Thank you for this...beautiful!

Lovebabz said...

What a pleasant surprise to find something of yours up! Like an unexpected gift.

You have a lovely voice for prose and poetry.

Of course I love it.

iCandy21 said...

this is amazing....*snaps 4 u*

Nicole said...

ur good!