Monday, February 11, 2008


Images of the sun slicing it's rays through storm clouds
signaling the dawn of a new day
Birds melodic, bees pollinate, flowers bloom scent, trees reach sky
Life resurrected from soil death, washed clean by heaven's gift
Light bursts forth from within, spirit soaring from joy unspeakable,
but wholly understood from visage countenance, sweaty palms
delivered by your arrival
need for me
peace mentality

Forecast is optimum...optimistic
The newness of spring blends into summer's maturity
with laughs, giggles, sharing depths and past lives
Flight comes easy, now rehearsed and choreographed,
performed on sky's satin curtain
Others delight in our splendor, unnoticed by us on in a world of two
So free
So young
So strong

Cool breeze does Autumn's browning herald
Thoughts turn to south's sunnier climes
Though we discuss center with smiling eyes,
East holds your yearnings, West calls to me
Carpe Diem holds sway as dance fills nights
Foreboding forbidden, will not long be denied
Still these are the best of times

in all of its complex beauty, it's unique purity
is still cold,
so cold
As is indecisiveness
As is loneliness
As are yesterday's memories and Eastern thoughts
of winter's southern summer

Spring will never come again

Ecc 3:1-8

©SojournerG 2008 All rights reserved


Lovebabz said...

Au contraire mon ami, le Printemps vient vraiment . C'est le cadeau de la saison. C'est le cadeau de vie et d'amour.

Anonymous said...

Changer des saisons est inévitable. Néanmoins, où l'amour est concerné, le coeur peut se sentir comme si il meurt en hiver, de ce fait ne voyant jamais le ressort. Pour cette raison, c'est espoir cela « jaillit » éternel… mon ami.

And for the rest of us: The changing of the seasons is inevitable. Nevertheless, where love is concerned, the heart can feel as if it dies in winter, thus never seeing the spring. For this reason, it is hope that “springs” eternal…my friend.

Lovebabz said...

Bien dit mon ami. Comme toujours vous êtes beaux dans les mots.

Well said my friend. As always you are beautiful in words.

Kai C. said...


CapCity said...

"Still these are the best of times"

...I love it!

Shai said...

I LOVE your writing. You HAVE to put out a book and also share your scriptures at the end. I like how you used color to illustrate each season. Vivid imagery.

Anonymous said...

@Kai C.-Thank you my dear. I've read some of your pieces and you are a very talented poet yourself. I'll visit you often.

@CAP-Surely my sister. Tomorrow is not promised so we would be best served to treat each day as if it is our best...and it will be.

@Shai-I never fancied myself a writer. I started doing this because a friend was doing it, and like Obama, I had the audacity to think I could too. Perhaps publishing is over the horizon. We'll see...
Thank you!

Rich said...

Piggy backing on your comment to Shai. It's amazing the stuff we convince ourselves we can do when we see someone else doing it. I used to write when I was younger, but I was more of an artist. I never fancied myself a writer until I encountered people with less talent professing to have arrived. My arrogance wouldn't allow them to outdo me, but I guess that's just one of my flaws. Being competitive that is.

Stepping out of the confessional now.