Saturday, September 13, 2008

remembering 9/11

remembering 9/11


you remember that sunny day

when something bad happened

tears literally poured

and we became clouds

standing beneath the blue sky

i remember victims and love ones were

running together

cos the ghosts flew up the heavens

and land upon God’s shoulders


our hearts were broken

you know,

we cried

as we all become one

not just the America

the whole world bringing pain

and sorrow in the join of hands


but we became stronger

much stronger as we are today

even if we are enemies

we still join hands now

in each day


cos it’s not the last  day

of another event

we might lost a love one

or some of us might  pass


this is the day

when we broke down

the hatred and start sharing

love way around the world

again and again


only to join the hands

 as one

remembering the day

when we left

tears and stains

upon the ground where

we stroll the time of



©2008 Kai C.


BloggersDelight said...

Thank you for this moving memorial, dear Kai C.

Kai C. said...

your very welcome! you like michael jackson?

TiKeDi said...

I will never foregt that day..I was in jr high when it happened. I went to school in Brooklyn, and you can see the smoke, and smell it from where my school was. I can never foget that day, and the panic and heartache it bought to my family and others who live in the cite.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kai, how are are so memoriable. Thanks for that, this was in my home town.

Kai C. said...