Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Remember when we used to talk on the phone all night
neither of us wanting to hang up
Remember when
Remember when we both said the same thing, at the same time
and we laughed loud about it for several minutes
Remember when
Remember when you would send me text messages in the morning just to say hi, and during the day we would email for no reason at all
Remember when
Remember when you shared your dreams with me and i shared my pains with you and together we found something new
Remember when
Remember when we dreamed of our meeting, with precise details and wrote a story about it so we wouldn't forget
Remember when
Remember when we first kissed under a white moon, on a dark night, blessed with every constellation
Remember when
Remember when we held hands and then you pulled my hand to yours and softly kissed it's insides
Remember when
Remember when i leaned in close because i was drawn to you like moths to fire, bees to honey to inhale that lovely scent you possess
Remember when
Remember when we lay next to each other, your arms wrapped around me, my legs encasing you, your eyes on me, my mouth on you until day turned to night and then again
Remember when
Remember when i told you all of my fears, and you shared all of your pain and together we vowed to hope and faith
Remember when
Remember when i cried when you left and you cried when i came and together we cried, we felt...the same
Remember when i saw in your soul a place for me and we acknowledged that place and planned to be together forever
Remember when
Remember when we took the vow, of love forever, and smiled and danced like forever, surrounded by family and friends
Remember when
Remember when our first grand was born, and you held his face, a soft embrace and smiled at me, so lovingly...and i thought this is all that i lived for
Remember when
Remember the happy times, the hard times, the lovely times, the heartfelt times
Remember when i told you the day i met you...that i would love you...forever
Remember when you told me, after holding me, that you would leave me...never
Remember when
I do
Without rhythm or rhyme
Meet me at our secret place
In the caverns of my mind
I promise, there, you will remember


Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

"In the caverns of my mind", I remember :-(

You took me to a bittersweet place; Not a place I really wanted to revisit, but good poetry is unpredictable like that. GREAT piece.

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

David Sullivan said...

How could you not remeber all of that unless you didn't want to?

Shai said...

Bravo! It is hot up in the BD2W. I remember writing a similar poem. I think I threw it away.

Shai said...

@David: Why so logical? Life is logic and emotion. Sometimes one rules out the other or a mix of the two evolves. Hell, don't we all wish we could unremember some stuff.

N. Steven said...


i just happened to stumble across this site...and i think i will be making more stops on this side of the 'net.

yeah. i remember. furreal. i'm in a happy place. and the MJ playing in the background was a nice touch...although i wish it were a nicer "i just can't stop loving you"...

just a suggestion.

Kai C. said...

awwwwww thats so sweet!

Mizrepresent said...

Xavier - the fact that i was able to touch you, speaks volumes, thanks.

David - yes, some choose to forget.

Shai -lol@threw it away...thanks Shai!

NSteven - welcome, and i see you percolating rather nicely over at your spot!

Kai C - thanks luv

Lovebabz said...

I loved this. This is wonderful!

Jaybabe said...

Oh My God!!!!!

MzPoetiK said...

even when you try not to do...good stuff

BloggersDelight said...

Delight-ful Memories!