Sunday, March 9, 2008


I'm leaving Baghdad tomorrow
For home.
I joined the Marines, for I am a patriot
And had bad grades in high school.
But my lieutenant says I'm leaving Baghdad tomorrow.
But the bank's took dad's home, so were am I going to sleep?
Can't go to college...I got a girl pregnant before Parris Island.
They used to call this place Babylon a long time ago.
So am I it's slave, like the Israelites of old?



Kai C. said...


BloggersDelight said...

Nicely written.

Anonymous said...

So many of us are caught up in pieces about love, relationships and emotions. I so appreciate the things you force me to think about.

Sharon said...

I guess it is difficult to know which is harder: the war over there, or the war at home.

Love how you framed life in both places as a struggle whether or not you really want to be a participant in either.

David Sullivan said...

Powerful stuff. Solders are first of all human.