Thursday, November 1, 2007

Price Tags


written by

Son of Wisdom

forty years gone
just like that

thought i had time
to get on track

looking for the right time
to shine

it never comes

grab the bull by the horns
for the ride or die

standers on the sideline
just get to wave, shake hands or say hi

want in the game
get in the game

time out for excuses

conspiracy theories

and the like

faith is now

never one day

thinking long

thinking wrong

keep on thinking

and it will cost you

to watch






Mizrepresent said...

oh yeah...i hear this!

diary of a G said...

wow Loved this so going thru something so similar...yes I am watching these years cos I can't afford to let em pass me by

MysTery said...


David Sullivan said...

I hear this one. More than relevant to my 42 year old ass!

Mega Rich said...

Yeah man, I'll be forty in December. The day is rolling up on me like brothers doing a drive-by.

It seems like yesterday that I was moving to St. Louis and was the ever optimistic age of 27.

Time flies whether you live your dreams or not. Believe Dat!

Femigog said...

Whoa! Let go of my epiphany brother! I felt this for real a hot minute ago!!!! I envy poets,,,

Literary Felonies said...

A proverb! And how apt, how timely. Baby, I highly thank you for this!

Lyrically speaking said...

Very nice...great to visit your blog, i'm enjoying my stay :)

CapCity said...

Wow!!! Wish I had heard this 20 years ago...but then my dreams were limited, it's ALL GOOD to hear & take heed of it NOW!!

Don said...

encouraging words of wisdom

let's get it

Don said...

encouraging words of wisdom

let's get it

BloggersDelight said...

Quite an inspiration, Mega Rich. Thank you for sharing here with us.