Tuesday, October 16, 2007

EXPLICIT CONTENT! Excerpt From "Autopilot"

DISCLAIMER--The following Scene is between two women...(just in case some would rather not read a post with homosexual tones) Forgive the length---

“All I want is one kiss. It’s harmless, baby,” she lied. She wanted much more than a kiss and while all she wanted would not be harmful per se, it certainly would not be harmless. “Nothing about you will change, nothing about us or him will change. We will still be the same people. How often have you kissed someone or been with someone that you weren’t even interested in because it was routine? Like autopilot, to use your words. I know this falls outside of the routine for you, ladybug, but that doesn’t make it wrong.” Carmen felt the pressure of a hand on her shoulder pushing her away from where she wanted to be-- home. “Honey,” Carmen lifted the hand from her shoulder and kissed the palm before placing it just above her own breast. “Just tell me what you’re afraid of and we can talk about it, ‘kay?” Carmen resisted Renee’s forced separation and pushed forward on the seat, determined to close all space between them.

“ I have a boyfriend. We are in love, okay. I love him and he loves me and we are doing really well. We’ll probably get married soon and everything. I don’t want to mess that up. I can’t mess that up.” She felt awkward and too aware of herself under Carmen’s touch and her gaze was making every one of her pulse points tingle.

“You won’t. We won’t. I promise this will be okay. It will.” Carmen whispered into Renee’s open mouth between gasps of air. She brushed her lips against her reluctant lover’s and nipped the bottom one gently between freshly licked lips. She felt a tense hand suddenly grip her wrist. “I promise baby, we won’t ruin anything.” Carmen searched the pretty dark face, sighed and asked another question whose answer she hoped wouldn’t slay her. “There’s something else though, right? Not about you and your man. Something about you and the rest of the world or God or whatever, yeah?” Carmen held her breath waiting for Renee to say the words that always shattered the thin ice of situations like this one. Carmen had to resist the urge to get up and run from the room stripped bare and shamed by this woman she was falling more and more in love with daily as she waited for Renee to decide their fates.

“Yeah, I guess… I just don’t know what’s what right now. I mean I know how I feel and everything like that, I just don’t think I should be…you know… I like our friendship, Carmen. You have been so great and we have so much fun together and at first I just thought, wow, this is really fun. And then it felt like we passed up friendship and went beyond the –just chilling out with a cool friend- stage. Now I’m sitting here, listening to you call me ladybug and with my hands on you like—“

“I know.” Carmen couldn’t let Renee compare her to Rob right now and simply validated what they both understood as fact with a terse nod. “You wonder if this, us right now, is who you are and if what you and Rob have is the routine. I get that. But Renee, what if everything is who you are? What if everything is right? It doesn’t have to be one way or the other. You know that, right?” Carmen paused to watch Renee take in what she was saying before she pressed her point. “Just think about how you are when we’re together. I never feel like it’s forced and you seem fine to me when go out together.” Carmen watched deep brown pools ripple with unshed tears of frustration and confusion. She brushed a soft round cheek with the back of her hand before teasing her thumb and index finger with a stray dread-lock resting on Renee’s shoulder. “Are you wigging and just not telling me at the time? Do you rush home to scrub off the Carmen when we part company?” Carmen paused to catch her breath before answering for a subdued Renee. “I didn’t think so.”

“Don’t worry ladybug. It’s just us here in this room, in this moment. No husbands, no outside noise, no unwritten rule about what kinda love is the right kinda love. Right?” Carmen leaned in for another taste of Renee’s now far more yielding mouth. They shared another sweet connection, this one, flawless. Hands moved more freely now, one pair clumsy and curious another steady and thorough, skilled beyond Renee’s comprehension. They needed more of one another and the window seat had to be abandoned before the situation could progress. This time Carmen broke the kiss and moved to stand, helping Renee up from the seat after gaining her balance. She guided Renee away from the window; through the living room she never gave her a tour of and down a hallway that seemed endless. They finally reached a large room with muted lighting thanks to a night-light in the shape of a seashell. Carmen moved across the threshold but stopped abruptly when she felt resistance from behind her. Her breath hitched and she fought desperately not to panic as she waited for Renee to make a move or offer an explanation.

“Carmen—“ Renee’s sentence was cut off when she felt her back connect gently with a wall and a heated palm grasp her jaw. Again lips touched lips, tongues probed and Renee’s hands gripped Carmen’s waist and began to dig in as the kiss intensified. Carmen’s mouth wandered down Renee’s chin and burned a hot trail of want down her neck and across to her shoulders. “Oh… my… God. Carmen. Please—“ Another kiss, more urgent, found Renee’s hands tangled in a dense mass of jet hair, massaging a scalp and breathing into Carmen’s amaretto kisses. Carmen wanted to believe that she would stop if Renee insisted but she was unsure that this would be the case. She decided between kisses that this could not become an issue, not when she was so close to heaven…not now.

“Come sit and talk to me linda, my pretty girl, I’m ready to listen.” Carmen let the second lie of the evening float off her tongue and swim circles around the nervous female she could still taste. Her Spanish accent was far more pronounced than usual, she was in her comfort zone, was completely herself right now, confident. Elation manifested when the trusting woman stepped past her into the bedroom and moved quickly to the bed to sit down. Carmen smiled as she watched Renee stare at her own fidgeting hands, breathing heavily, deep in thought, and doubt. Carmen slid in close to Renee on the queen bed, landed a gentle kiss on a bare shoulder, stroked behind Renee’s ear under the guise of moving a lock from her face. “Say what you’re thinking right now ladybug.” Carmen continued to touch Renee constantly kissing her neck and shoulder with light pecks and alternating nips.

“Well…um…I’m just—“ A chocked sob from Renee stopped Carmen cold and made her instinctively move to turn the knob for the light on a far wall of the room. The women glowed in the blush of light and the room looked as if lit by a waning sunset. Carmen placed her knees on the plush carpet in front of Renee and pressed her legs open gently before moving between them to look in to dark teary eyes. Carmen understood that emotion coupled with one shot too many of amaretto was causing a reaction in Renee that had to be addressed carefully and with undivided attention. From her new position, between toned sienna legs Carmen could smell anticipation loud and clear and was certain that Renee wanted to continue. Everything will be fine; trust me. She would address the ache as soon as humanly possible.

“What is it baby…you want me to take you home?” Carmen held her breath and prayed that this would not be the end of the evening. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. We won’t be changed at all. We’ll still kick it and everything, right.”

“Carmen, I’m really sorry. I just…I feel real different from how I felt a few months ago. I guess its all just coming out right now, you know. I want to be here, I just didn’t know that I did until just now, that’s all. You make me feel other things that Rob doesn’t and I just don’t understand how I could still want—“

Renee had never felt such soft hands this much on her body that were not her own. Every sweep of hot palm against the back of her legs made her shudder and she would have been embarrassed with the amount of wetness she was producing if she were in her right mind. When she felt light fingertips on the lace that covered her sex she took in a big gulp of air and let her eyes slide closed. Her own hands left Carmen’s body and gripped the side of the mattress to keep from running away or worse yet, hitting the floor. As Carmen’s hands moved more urgently between her legs Renee’s reflexes brought her knees together slightly. Carmen’s free hand came up to rake the inside of Renee’s thigh, teasing her legs open again in response. Carmen used a strong flat palm to push against a slight belly, easing Renee to her back on the bed. She was rewarded with a soft satisfied sigh from somewhere above her and decided it was time to start their dance in total.

Carmen kissed a high inside thigh, gripping the waistband of a burdensome skirt and lace boy-cut panties to guide them smoothly over a round ripe body. ”Damn, you smell so good…you have been driving me crazy with this scent woman. You know that shit, right?” With these words Carmen draped a heavy leg over her shoulder and tongued an opposite inside thigh. She inhaled loudly, and choked back a pant-- instead releasing a cool stream of air through a rounded mouth. The flow of air landed just above a plump set of glistening lips. A sharp whimper from Renee made goose bumps form on Carmen’s skin, “I know baby, I know what you need,” Carmen whispered into exposed sensitive flesh. An open mouth kiss made contact with Renee and her pleasure became vocal when she felt a gentle tug of her flesh between wet lips. “Hmmm, hmmm. You like that baby?” Carmen asked but did not wait for an answer. Not a second later Renee found herself gripping a handful of silky straight hair as a tongue opened her slowly and carefully before disappearing inside a liquid canal. Carmen sucked loudly, wanting to taste as much of Renee as she possibly could. She pushed a thigh higher to get complete access to a beautiful curly-down covered sex. “Yeah, that’s what my girl likes…she’s talking to me now, ain’t she ladybug?” Carmen inserted a finger into her mouth and drew out a slick probe that immediately found a hot, close home inside Renee. When hips bucked to get more Carmen quickly removed herself from Renee and stroked a pearl hidden slightly underneath pulsing lobes.

“Jesus, Carmen,” Renee whispered through a barely opened mouth. “What…” she couldn’t finish a thought she had forgotten so she just rocked her head back and forth trying to fight an orgasm that she worried would be so intense it might stop her heart.

“Talk to me baby. Something you want from me…my girl can have whatever she wants.” Carmen finished with a firm tongue kiss to the sprawling woman’s center. Delivering heavy flicks to a bud that called out to be pampered and spoiled. She joyed in the low mewling sounds escaping Renee’s throat. “That’s okay baby, I’ll drive this time. You just take it all in, okay?” She let flow another stream of cool air to slick wetness before asking a question Renee couldn’t possibly understand let alone answer. “ Now…where was I?” Carmen chuckled in her throat before pressing her hot palm against the quivering woman. Wetness coated her hand. She ran a sharp fingernail along the outside of a leg that tightly gripped her shoulder, the sole of a foot now struggling to press against her back at different intervals, prompting Renee to make eye contact. Once Carmen had her attention she licked the sticky essence from her palm and winked before she disappeared again from Renee’s view.

to be continued...

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David Sullivan said...

If "Penthouse Forum" is McDonalds, then this is "Ruth's Chris Steakhouse"....Upscale and delicious!!!

nikki said...

daaaang. that was well written. i'm sitting here trying to remind myself i'm heterosexual. LOL

Don said...

Thought I would be able to read it, but after the first paragraph, I had to stop.

It made me mad...lol

Femigog said...

@DS-thanks for the great compliment I really like anything that has to do with me and food! LOL
@Nikki--You know a lot of women get nervous if they see themselves digging the girl on girl erotica but if it is done well (the writing that is) I find it a real turn on. I am not girl on girl myself but I have to admit that I have seen women who I thought were really sexy....
@Don--come on man! Just give it a chance...Why did it make you mad, she didnt leave her man at the end of the novel. LOL

Mizrepresent said...

Ditto what Nikki said. Excellent writing Femigog! Y'all just doing it up in here!

Mega Rich said...

I didn't read it all (only because I need to get some sleep) but the opening reminded me of a scene from She's Gotta Have It, where Opal was trying to get up on Nola Darling.

I'll finish it tomorrow. Promise.

Femigog said...

Thanks MzP! I appreciate you reading that long ass post! LOL
Hey Mega! Take your time brother, I know it is long. Can you believe that She's Gotta Have It is the one Spike Lee Joint I havent seen? I am gonna rent it tomorrow...

BloggersDelight said...

Ms. Femigog, your range of erotica is quite something. Again, we appreciate your "warnings" and the fact that you share here at our place.

Opinionated Diva said...

Definitely agree with Nikki @ Mizrep though I can see why Don stopped. I was a little mad at the way Carmen coerced Renee though...very aggressive and sneaky! lol

Anonymous said...

Same trick, different gender. That's eye opening. Well written.