Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eff what they say...I'm Miz!

So i have been thinking, comtemplating about all of the reality shows and the drama that we allow to encompass our lives, sometimes on the daily. I admit, i watch them, Basketball Wives, Football Wives, Bad Girls Club, etc...and even though at times they cause me to reek and choke, most times i laugh and cuss. Yes, believe or not Miz cusses the TV for ignorance. I watch them all...from the beginning to the end, from their secession "Real World", "Survivor", "Big Brother", to the likes of the above. I admit, "I am I am a Reality Show Junkie". So be it, but i am also a thinker, a lover, a mother, a daughter, an aunt...and so much more. So here's my take.

BasketBall Wives - should be called "Jumpoffs, Ex-BabyMama's and such", bc not most of these women are wives, are ex's or will never be more than a babymama.

Football Wives - didn't live long enough to make an impact, so Ce La Vie!

Real Housewives of Atlanta - 90% of y'all wasn't housewives in the first place, so why, just why are you on my tv, (sidenote - love the drama though, in bits and pieces).

I would really like to present to you new shows, VH1 and Bravo. Just go with the grit...hear me?

"Jumpoffs, Babymama's and such"

"Ex-wives - the real business"

"The Dirty, Dirty" - a tell all type of show.

"The Real Merger" - meeting those who have it, with those who don't. Is it really about money or looks, let's see.

Me, myself, don't think i would appear in any of these or the forementioned above episodes. I would have to get a "grip" for fighting and the like, and i just don't see myself lowering my standards to be "somewhat famous" for being a bitch or the like. I hate alot of the terminology, "females", "hoes", "bitches". In fact, i don't like any negative terminology regarding women. WE are so much more than that. We don't represent, identify, or acknowlege those terms as a "terms of endearment", not at all.

So say, what you want, feel how you feel...but i say, "Eff what they say, I'm MIZ"! And you are YOU!


A Lady's Life said...

i like this blog.
you are so right :)

T. S. Snowden said...

LOL! Basketball Wives should be called "Class B Dependents"