Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You are as real to me as the vows I took.
Your form becomes true and real when you whisper my name.
I thought you'd never come.
I've dug through the rubble of a fire I thought was extinguished,
Sifted through the debris of lies and "never again"s.
We connect as if we've been looking for one another.
You're my missing artifact.
You laugh when I hum tunes you don't know.
You're amazed at how comfortable we are in silence.
We promised forever and that's what I'm giving.
I am living for this commitment.
I am breathing life into flowers, notes, and candles.
Every nerve impulse dedicated to new ways of exceeding your expectations.
I am mimicking you.
I felt special when you chose me.
I still sleep in my white dress...
You're always here, dwelling in between whats real and what keeps me warm.
You are my "husband-in-my-head"
And I continue to share my forever with you.


CapCity said...

*sigh* Beautiful!

T. S. Snowden said...

For me It's beautiful but because of the pain that is implied in the longing.
The line "I am mimicking you" says that the writer is attempting to be the mirror image of the person they want in their lives. Which is a must for good relationships.

Great poem, Love it!


Green said...

Thx so much u guys!!!

Daij said...

love this!