Friday, November 6, 2009


you're out there searching
trying to find a jewel to behold
failing to see the treasure you already hold
in your restless search, your hands unfold
and i fall gracefully to the sand
only to be picked up by another hand
who exclaims with glee...i am gold


Femigog said...

Very keen! I like that this addresses how some people don't know what they have and other recognize a true treasure when others just pass it by. Love it Miz!

TRYBES said...

Very short but bursting with real meaning..

Best wishes on this new gold you found!

Beautiful piece!

CapCity said...

PREACH, Sistah Miz! ;-)

Anonymous said...

One man's tragic loss has always been another man's ultimate gain.

Well put Pahtnah!

Reggie said...

Very nice, very nice indeed!!!