Sunday, November 22, 2009


You don’t see me, my skin is the color of dark clay and then at times like the black, rich soil we buy in bags at Lowes,
You know what I mean
the good earth, it can grow anything on any day.

And yet, I’m not worth your stare, your cursory glance…
Won’t you swing around at the risk of whiplash to catch one look at me…?
Would you take that chance?
I think not because you just don’t see

I go invisible before your eyes.

Slowly, I am disintegrating into nothingness.
you are destroying me, erasing me by not choosing me.
I am your mother, the darkest one, but not your wife, nor your child.
If I am not you, then who will I be?
If you don’t love me, then who will,
My black brother ……to you,
I am invisible.