Saturday, July 25, 2009

love dreams

love dreams

love dreams
i watch you
you awake me
and i could see you
i miss you
i miss seeing your face
and oh, i wonder my love
if you come back while i'll sleep
a song of your soul
lullaby in your voice
as you held me
and make me dream of my sweet loving dreams
now you watch me
kiss my forehead like an angel
but you fade yourself from me
from where i woke up
i see the sun at my window
my heart has full of love dreams
yet i'm not awake
i still see you watching me
holding me close
when i feel your breath upon my skin
i am awake in my own love dreams
i see you
you understood me
only in my love dreams....
©2009 Kai C.


Kofi Conde said...

Hmmn...I've had this dream, this past week. I love it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Strongblkwmn said...

Awesome! We should all have a love dream every now and then.

CapCity said...


Reggie said...

This is beautiful.