Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is it me?

... Or has the Blog-o-sphere slowed down? I hope folks continue to express themselves. I hope the written word continues to wax poetic & prosaic! How do U spend your days now? Do U spend more time on Social Networking sites (such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.)? Do U spend more time in the REAL-world-sphere with family & friends?

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Solomon said...

I've been wondering why things have been slower in the blog-o-sphere for a while now.

Where did everyone go?

Laquita said...

I don't know about everyone else - but I've been working on a few side hustles ;o)

Mizrepresent said...

We are out here working our azzes off trying to make a better world for ourselves and family. Then some of us have moved on to twittering and facebook. It's definitely not like it was, but i still find home, and a place i can always hang my hat.

Keith said...

I just got on Facebook, but you know what? I like blogging better.
I write my posts on my blogs first and then I get on Facebook. (I've found quite a few bloggers on Facebook and twitter.)

For what it's worth..Blogging is still the best game in town!

CareyCarey said...

As a newbie, the question doesn't relate to me but I can assume it has something to do with purpose and direction.

Like most business, there's a shakeout after the initial rush of enthusiasm. Blogging is not for everyone although many seem to get an early rush.

Many of us think we have a lot to say until we are required to say it.

This game will make a person jack up their slacks or take their ball and run home.

The rewards of blogging are subjective, therefore, only that person knows why they no longer get the same thrills of doing so.

It's a place of self expression and a social network and that should speak for itself.

It is for the most part a solitary hobby. One better be comforable with themself. It's much like the spirit required of writers/authors.

I've often said if a person can't say it, they can't do it. Take that as you please but here's a hint: check out people that stumble through their words. Not their sentence struture but their thought patterns. If they can not find the words to say it clearly, they have not done what they are saying or do not really know how to do what they are saying.

Listen for how many times you hear the words: I don't know, I love you, I was wrong, I am sorry

I believe they will be few and far between. furthermore, pay attention at how many time we say them ourselves.

Underneath that dilemma might be some answer to why some are blogging less.

Shai said...

I have been sucked it the FB zone. LOL. I did a poem a day for the month of April because it is National Poetry Month.

I will share some pieces here.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone has moved along to Facebook..... I used to get 20 to 30 comments and now Im lucky to get 10. Im guilty as well...Im so into facebook that I cant remember that Im a blogger..

hey keith Facebook me (shar battle)

Carmen Reyes said...

I'd previously been a faithful blogger; before creating a blogspot I blogged nearly everyday from 2001 to 2003. Every time I've tried to get back into it since then I have been sidetracked by motherhood, work, school, and the like. But blogging is like breathing, and I been deprived of oxygen for sometime. I need the release that blogging provides, and the anonymity FaceBook and MySpace can't give you.

Anonymous said...

It's real life for me sis. I think it's been a little more than a year since I shut my sites down, but I still pop in now and then to see a few old friends in a few old haunts, but the phase has definitely shifted for me.

I jumped on FB a while back and have a presence there but don't spend a lot of time on it. The novelty there is that people that actually know me (old classmates) pop out of nowhere and renew acquaintences, but outside of that...

I tried twitter for a while and found that it just got on my nerves.

Now if you know you're boy SoG, you know I have to have SOME sort of creative outlet. That move has become photography. If you are of a mind, you can see my stuff at the interestingly enough titled site:

Strongblkwmn said...

I'm on facebook, but I still blog. I kind of slowed down before I got into facebook. I noticed that folks don't blog as much as well.

MysTery said...

I have been MIA for a good minute. I have been networking on social sites and such. Trying to get my hustle on!!

KIM said...

I think it's slower because people are on the social networks. I spend my time with family and blog every few days. I can't do the TWITTY PAGES AND FACETY SPACES! Like everything nothing stays the same and things evolve for better or worse.

BTW- Love the music!