Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Is...

I've tasted love in my mind
licked it from my lips
swallowed it whole,
sucked it down like ectasy
held it in my arms
squeezed it, rubbed it, caressed it...ever so gently
headlocked it
deadlocked it
savored love in all the wrong places
knowing that if i could just, hold it, wrap myself around it, contain it,
maintain it
One day it could be mine...mine all mine
But love is so spiritual
so flowing
so free
can't be contained
nor restrained
Love is...
Love exists for lovers
for a moment, for a lifetime, if you choose
love is
love is
what i want

Happy Valentimes all!


Keith said...

Once Again you've outdone yourself Miz...Happy V-Day to you!

Solomon said...

Nice one Miz!

Anonymous said...

Love is.........suppose to hurt!!

Anonymous said...

"deadlocked it" huh? Go on then Pahtnah!


Kai C. said...

thats beautiful...
happy belated v-day:)