Monday, November 17, 2008


Silly of me to think that you would ever really love me too...

Friday night and i'm needing somebody

Not just any body

just your body


To think that you would even remember me...

Me, that cocoa brown, chocolate tan

that same woman that had you squeezing hands...together, cuz you just couldn't resist

those feelings, those emotions i emitted, like gas, intoxicating aerosol

that had you drifting my way...

But still silly...

cuz you ran, you hiked, you jumped ship...not used to this

all of this

Silly of me to think...

a man would truly dive in...when the water was warm...instead you seek the cool waters...well here they come...

Silly of you

to dismiss me

walk away from me

not want me

ignore me



CurvyGurl said...

Alright, Miz. Back in my thoughts again, eh? LOL. This is truly timely. I was just pondering how great things can come to a crashing halt due to silly reasons. I even threw a little Stephanie Mills melody in as I read it aloud :). Excellent as always!

Kofi Bofah said...

Good work, I am imagining the words wafting over the air to a bass line in a dimly lit night spot.

We have all been there - men and women.

Here is my take:

She is Just Not That Into You


Mizrepresent said...

Curvygirl - yep, it sometimes happens too quickly, but in the end...right on time. Thanks Sweety!

Kofi- thanks so much luv, all luv is appreciated! I will check out your work as well!

Shai said...

Nice piece. Got Deneice Williams song in my head now.

Anonymous said...

i dont think it is called being just being blind.

Now play smart

Kai C. said...

ya there areother finishes in the sea.

MysTery said...

Love this girl.