Thursday, October 16, 2008

CAPCity: Reading Up on a Roof in Harlem

This was one high-energy evening! Thanx again for all the luv, support & encouragement on Saturday, Oct. 11th!


Kai C. said...

:) miss capcity- i luv your reading

Angelia... said...

Love it and you, know I have been missing in action but book is done, so I will try to do betta!


CapCity said...

Kai C - Thanx!

Angelia - I'm so excited for U. U inspire me:-)

THE JODY said...

I already know it was dedicated to me! i am so honored.

CapCity said...

yep Jody - this is dedicated to all the heartbreakers out there! Are U named for the Jody in the song: Jody got your girl & gone? ;-) LOL!!