Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Virgin

I've posted this on my personal blog - thought I'd share here;-).

I'm no Virgin...
but I've never been explored...

I am virgin territories of unexplored depths.

I've been touched.
But, rarely connected.

I've been held.
But, rarely sheltered.

I've been in conversations.
But, rarely conferred with.

I've been looked at.
But, rarely looked into.

I've been listened to.
But, rarely heard.

I've been kissed.
But, rarely distinguished.

I've danced with.
But, rarely worked through steps.

I've partied with.
But, rarely been party to the collaboration of committed partnership.

And Now,
I am being regenerated
By The Creator ... for the Brother
... who I will fight for...not with.
... who will be the first... to be my last.

C.A. Paige©April 2007


Ali's Zay said...

Oh Damn! I just read the title and fell in love. Let me go back and let my eyes caress your words.

Ali's Zay said...

"for the Brother
... who I will fight for...not with.
... who will be the first... to be my last"

I'm still feeling those. And I don't want to stop.

By the way, I sent you a hug, I trust that it was properly delivered?

Peace and Love,

Alizé (LoversA.blogspot.com)

Lovebabz said...

Ohh this is stunningly beautiful....you know where else it ought to show-up...

I, like Ali's Zay,
have fallen in love too...the words connect and I feel them as my own!

A New Man said...

Fantastic piece, lady. It speaks to me and for me; REAL poetry does that without a hitch. Well done!

Angelia... said...

Go on and SAVE yourself! SCRUMPTIOUS stuff...

Love You Madly!
angelia...mama deep

shine said...


Calder said...

Pristine passion, in every sense CC, ... just a big wow!!! So enjoyed reading this!


CapCity said...

Wow! Thanx 4 the luv, Folx!

Zay - u don't evah have to stop! gotta check my hug-box, now;-)

Love - The Creator speaks thru me - prolly ARE your words, u ventriloquist;-)

NewCed - u know we connected from day 1!

Angelia - Hey Mama! *u got me cheezin'* ;-)

Shine - *bowing with gratitude*;-)

Calder - whoa - pristine, no less;-)

U ALL just MADE my DAY!!! Hugz2ya!

Mizrepresent said...

Oh Cap, i am so in love with this one gurl! You pulled that from the depths of your soul and i swear it spoke to mine!

Sharon said...

You have left me speechless!

This must be printed and posted on my Words to Live By board. Gurl your talents are really showing and you are most definitely NOT hiding your big ole light ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! You get several snaps from me for this piece! This was very beautifully done! The ending was the perfect touch. Continue writing poetry because you have the gift! Thanks for sharing.

Kai C. said...

miss capcity,
that's really heavy!
hugs for you

.:jeni:. said...

this was beautiful, thanks for sharing, your words definitely hit close to home.

CapCity said...

Miz - i thought u'd seent this one;-). Thanx!

Sharon - u? speechless? wow! ;-) LOL! glad u like it for real.

Kei - i'm honored by your words. thank u!

Kai - thanx, sweetie!

Jeni - glad I could touch u.

Again - THANX so MUCH to Everyone for their heart warming feedback. i am humbled & honored to be used by The Creator...

Blu Jewel said...

wow! I am so taken with this poem. It says so much and so eloquently in terms of real and raw emotion. The depth of this reaches the abyss of the emotional sea.

"And Now,
I am being regenerated
By The Creator ... for the Brother
... who I will fight for...not with.
... who will be the first... to be my last."

OMG! How totally awesome are those words and I, too, long for the very same thing.


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

this is by far one of the most deepest poems I read...Kudos Kudos and *snapping fingers*...I love it

CapCity said...

Blu Jewel - thanx 4 the luv for REAL!

Taryn - Wow. thanx - the deepest? that IZ deep...

U all have no idea how much i appreciate that my words moved u! thank u is all i can say:-)...