Monday, May 5, 2008

Not By Myself!

by Christoph J.

I oughta' be ashamed of myself
How could I go out there and try to change myself
God has ordered my steps and I tried to rearrange myself
I blame myself

Because I knew all along that I could have asked God for help
I was so busy tryin' to make a name for myself
Out there tryin' to play the game of life and messed around and gamed myself
I thought I was finally free, but I chained myself
In the world, wilin' out, now Im tryin' to tame myself
I believed that I was fit, but I crippled, crutched and caned my health
I received so much money, but yet I still restrained my wealth
There is no way I can even begin to explain my myself
I shamed myself

God, I pray that you help me to see that I can reclaim myself
Wash me clean of all sin because I stained myself
I will give you all of the credit Lord and defame myself
I proclaim myself a child of God


Tia's Real Talk said...

This was really heart felt, and the fact that no one had any comment is just as heart felt. We must cry out and ask for forgiveness. I loved your humility and the fact that you weren't self righteous. Nice.

CapCity said...

Wow! That was serious! Welcome to BD2write - u came STRONG with that one! More of that kind of awareness is needed in this too often self-centered world we live in.

THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

heyyy.. thanks for the comment....

you have very SWEET hair. just an fyi... how long have u been growing it?


Natarsha said...

It is so funny, when we know we doing the wrong thing we still feel like we are doing something right, but it isn't until something drastic happens that we realize that we need to do something about the mess we are in.

Christoph Jenkins said...

@Tia- Thank you. Humility is what the world needs. So if only one person were to comment, then that means that one person can become yet another vehicle to exemplify humility. And yes, it is a must that we cry out and ask for forgiveness, because if not for any other reason, it at least opens the lines of communication between you and God. That is the first step in stepping up your walk in God. Thank you for your comment.

@Capcity- I appreciate thehospitality. I feel very welcomed. And true, the world can be very self-centered. Things need to change. Just trying to do my part through poetry. Thanks!

Mizrepresent said...

I too say welcome, it was a lovely testament of your faith and talent.

Petula Wright said...

Very nice! Snaps are in order. Thanks for visiting my blog... I hope to see you around.

Malibu said...

That was real tight! Did you copyright that?? I might have to steal it!! Haha!! Totally kidding! =)

Christoph Jenkins said...

@Natarsha- Thanks for the love, partner. You hit it right on the nose. Wouldn't it be great if we all could recognize what needs to be done before we dig ourselves in a whole bigger than the one we're already in.

@Mizrepresent- Hey miss lady. Thanks for the welcome and the compliment. This poem was me stripping off the wordly garments that I have acquired while straddling the fence and playing church. It was time to become bare with God and allow Him to clothe me with the appearal that He has chosen for me.

@Petula- Thanks for the snaps. I will be around your way very soon.

@Malibu-I am so flattered that you would make such a joke. lol. Means more than you know. Check out my partner and I's poetry blog, at the bottom of the page. I wrote a poem called "Take the Peace of My Poetry." The subtitle is "...But Don't A Piece of My Poetry." I thought is really funny. The link is below this poem. Thanks for your comment.

achali said...

i can hear this in my head, like its a song.

Mizrepresent said...

I loved this Chris, it spoke to my spirit and my heart!

Christoph Jenkins said...

@achali & mizrepresent- I really appreciate the love. This piece truly is one of my favorites.