Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Widow

by Queen of My Castle and Sojourner G

The vacuum of her beauty
Sucked out my very breath
I found myself immobilized
Nearly choking on my own heart

I inhale your spirit
And exhale insatiable yearning
Bewitched by the flawlessness of my strut
Malevolence slyly clutches your heart

My knees began to buckle
Driving me to the floor
Manhood has deserted me
Contemplating crawling to her feet

Behind these lusty eyes lies a spirit of perversion
Driving you to your knees
And into my ample rich bosom
The heart of the abyss

Which bank accounts can I empty
Which keys can I put in her hands
How much soul do I have left inside of me
Can I be "Mr. Whoeversheis"

With bankrupt emotions
Lost keys to dreams
And no soul left
You've unwittingly become "Mr. WhoeverIam"

I can hardly wrap my mind around
The perfection she defines
Conforming to every fantasy
Creating more yet unimagined

These full pouty lips
Spew true lies
A master of disguise
I'll be who you want me to be

My heart swells with joy
As she passionately receives me
Signing over the deed to my existence
For one moment to claim her as mine

Marvelled are you by my curves
As I welcome you inside
While you bask in my warmth
I knit your soul to mine

Consumed I am by her power
Lost in my own reverie
I realize too late
That Venus is a fly trap

I have no mercy as you grasp at love
Trapped in my web of deceit
I place a venomous kiss of trickery upon your lips
And trot off to the next lame

Prov 5:1-5

©SojournerG & Queen of My Castle 2008 All rights reserved


Anonymous said...


BloggersDelight said...

Thank you for that wonderful collaboration, Dear Queen & Sojourner.

Free Reggie - thank you for your interest. Do you write poetry or fiction? Please send us an email with your blog or samples of your work. Be well.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that the song scared the hell out of me....damn!!!


Man With Balls said...

I'm going to have to require more PIMP from the dude side of the equation. We can't have these broads walking all over us, even if they do look good in stilleto's.

Anonymous said...

@Man With Balls-LMBAO! Yeah you right playa. You SHO right.

But on the real, EVERY ONE OF US has had our card pulled at least once by a woman like this. We don't talk about it and we dayum sure don't let it happen twice, but there will always be that one time...

Good lookin' out though!

Kai C. said...

wow that was hot...
well done!:)

Femigog said...

You cant know how happy I was to get a Sojourner Fix!
Lovely work.
Although Sojourner, Proverbs--cautionary tales that cast women as seducers always intrigue me. Especially since men are so willingly led...

Anonymous said... long lost friend-You are nothing if not consistent. You have always displayed a gift for capturing the entirety of the message in the most succinct and economical of ways. Damn I miss your mind.

I am SO glad this was a duet (lest I be accused of misogyny)!

Great to hear from you my soul-mate in the creative arts!

CapCity said...

I love the entire piece - but the multiple nuances in the following line crax me UP!
"I realize too late
That Venus is a fly trap"

La Reine said...

I loved so many bits of this.....
and the concept was too good.