Saturday, November 29, 2008

love beautifies me

love beautifies me


love beautifies me

like the sun in the dark

how it beautifies me in a way

when i see angels’ eyes

love beautifies me

lightens me

but paints me black

without sunlight

without angels’ eyes

cos  i ran and hid

from the pain inside my soul

as a flame of my golden dreams,

the moon and stars placed them upon

my hands

flashing away in my shadow

yet i see love through

twinkling, sparks

waking up by my golden dreams

sun, angels

love beautifies me


©2008 Kai C.

did you have a good Thanksgiving?


MR. CHAP said...

nice scribe...Thanksgiving was cool

CapCity said...

yes, it does! yes, it does! And Sistah Kai - check MY A'Musing blog on Dec. 1st - I got a treat for u;-)