Tuesday, August 5, 2008

lost land

she walks on this lost land

wandering to find a place

where there's heaven and light

stirring around

in the name of of love

only love she have to save herself

 only sweet love she can wait on

 oh tell her this world is all dark

like black skies

without stars, without sunlight

all dark

every day her heart broke

 falling into broken pieces

and oh, she has no love

no sweet, sweet love

anymore on this lost land


this lost land used to be

crowded, full of city twiligts

thousand mile butterflies

and plus, heaven and light

 now this land is all  empty

white noises serenade

she has blown all the winds

and destroy many souls

over the top pink mountains

with her beautiful anger

all grey, frustration of fire

 she steps upon a rock

clock ticks, recalling on  bitter memories

throwing away the tears like pebbles

and oh, she spun

 sway fast speeding

as the winds go around 

and around

knocking down her bones


and she's lost inside her soul

where she cannot find love

anywhere on

this lost land

her lost land,

it's where she hides and

being all alone

without love

without sweet, sweet unconditional love

 upon this lost land

her lost, lost world...
©2008 Kai C..


Anonymous said...

wow neva thought of a world....that was lost and without love. Damn that's gotta hurt.I am not used to be alone but when I am alone I feel so cold and numb.

1sssttttt, have a good day

CapCity said...

whooaaa, Kai - u been gettin' DEEP on us lately! where's the sweet Kai? LOL! I'm loving this side of U, too!

Kai C. said...

thanks guys. sometimes i have to be deep.

NemOooO said...

Oh, I loved it a lot
I love poems like these, well done
amazingly written, though there are some grammar mistakes
But yeah, Keep it up :)

P.S I've seen your comment on Nasra's poem, I thought I'd take a look at your poems :)

Best of luck

sapphirestarr said...

Thanks for stopping by! Cool site, will show love on blog list. Will be back soon!

Organize Kaos

blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hey there!


I love the vibe at this blog!!

Stop by my blog and jump into some conversations when you have a chance!!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Kai C. said...

thank u

Black said...

"you're female, which means you're more likely to have your time stolen by heart disease than a man." - I agree with this, but when I first read it and saw time stolen, disease and man I thought about HIV. #1 Killer of women my age.