Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am Yours for Always.

Till we meet my heart waits,
beating with anticipation.
Your eyes captivate me,
drawing me deep in their dark depths,
showing me glimpses of the sweet soul inside.

One glance and I drown in your love,
swimming to the surface only with great strength and will.
Holding on for all I'm worth,
reaming of the day I'm yours for always....


Sharon because it had to be said! said...

You too? Dayum! It's nice to know I'm not the only one caught up like that on someone she doesn't even know yet!

This is lovely.

Kai C. said...

so sweet

♥SjHarris said...

i really like this post.
it's rare that a writer can
make the reader have the same vision
with such few [just enough] words!!

♥SjHarris said...

P.S. i absolutely looooooove your playlist!
haha i'm groovin'. gosh I havent heard
bootzilla in about 15 years. haha my mom
use to play it around the house! awesome memories!

Sparkle said...

Thank u guys :)

Mizrepresent said...

deeply moving lady!