Thursday, July 3, 2008

Getting Over...You

Trying to run from these feelings
Slip slide duck and hide away
But they are all around me
Beating me on the head
Hitting me in my back
Knocking the sh*t out of me
I know I look tough
But Man I'm tired
My breath is leaving me
I'm so exhausted
It hurts to breathe
Someone get me some help


Shai said...

Whew! I am SO feelin' your poem. Been there and sometimes drift back.

I was thinking of a jazz song when I read your title.

MysTery said...


Kai C. said...

deep! happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

It always take time to relieve the pain of love. No one else will be able to help you get over this. This is you and God.....and only you and God can deal with it. I tell you with prayer selftainment (doing u),and some deep soul searching can help some. But you first have to remember that you live for you. As soon as you do that....YOU'LL FEEL 100% BETTER!!

CapCity said...

"I know I look tough
But Man I'm tired"

Gurrrl - u preachin' my LIFE with your wordz!! THANK U for sharing, Sis!

MysTery said...

No prob!

Thanks for the kind words ya'll.

And Kin, I know, I know....

CCGroovy!!! said...

Imma pass the collection plate; cause U done PREACHED the SERMON!!!

MysTery said...

silly! Thanks.