Sunday, July 20, 2008

At Times Am Overwhelmed

at times am overwhelmed
by the abundance of nothing
just sitting there alone
by the lagoon
and watching the foaming brine
bring in debris of all kinds
or taking a walk
on the dark side
and i cross the road
where the motel was
and see comfort workers
still hawking their stuff
but i turn and walk on by
at times like that
i recall your first cut
the times we necked
at the lagoon front
the things we did
at our heavenspot
you touched me in places
i did not know exist
and i took you on journeys
that i can not now revisit
saw you now all
married and proper
a vicar's wife
fitted for the role
like the thread fits the needle
i begin to doubt if
it didn’t all happen
maybe i hallucinate
two dozen times
over three years
or may be i break your heart
and you found god
and he showed you the vicar
who gave showed you peace
but am still walking in the shadows
behind the trees where
we used to make love
and haunt the streets
were we rendezvoused
am still thinking
why did i leave
and if i was the earth
and you were the leaf
why in the name of newton
did you not come back to me

at times overwhelmed
by the abundance of nothing
i compose this corny lines


Kai C. said...

fine and beautiful work:)

Rex Venom said...

Like Grimjack said: We don't remeber events. We remember how we Felt during those events.
As our remembered feelings are challanged or change, it is easy to wonder if the past really is set, or do things that were just fade away.
Rock on!

CapCity said...

yea, sometimes in light of the depth of life experiences ANY words we utter seem corny...

Good STUFF!!