Friday, June 13, 2008

As U Celebrate Father's Day...please look into your hearts...

The Fathers of the BD2Write team members raised & taught us well. We are a team of friends who are thankful that each of us has the love and influence of our Dads living with us each day, regardless of the fact that some of us no longer have their physical presence.

This blog concept of sharing our talents is a result of our Fathers' love. Opening this blog to strangers, giving each of us a forum in which to share and receive encouragement is our Fathers' love come to life on the Internet. Our Fathers did not grow up with the modern conveniences which we enjoy today. This Internet which we and our children will take for granted is a complete marvel to our parents. However, our Fathers grew up with a stronger inter-network of humane relationships built on respect and hard-work. Our Fathers often reminded us that we didn't need to like nor be close friends with everyone we worked with - but we had to respect them to get the job done.

Please, as you enjoy your Father's Day Weekends, take a moment to be silent and remember to respect everyone who takes the risk to share their work or comments here at Bloggers' Delight ... to Write.

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Calder said...

Thanks! Great post here.

God bless,
peace and love!