Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Poem: The Inquisition (and Sincere Thanks)

Today is the last day of SAAM. Soon this month will be part of history. Today is also Wednesday. Every single Wednesday I post a gratitude list on my blog. I want to thank everyone who participated throughout the month and express my deepest gratitude. Whether it was by spreading the word or leaving encouraging comments, every bit made a difference. In a very special way, I want to thank all those who lent their talents to this effort. Knowing and seeing that this was never a one-man-show is so humbling and encouraged me more than words can express. I really feel a very special bond with all those who participated. I have to believe that together we made a difference.

I was going to post one last SAAM poem tonight, but since the one from last week was a poem of hope, I wanted to end on that hopeful note. So instead, let’s return to our regularly scheduled programming for the grown and sexy. ;-)

The Inquisition

Every time we meet
Our bodies can’t understand
Why there is this distance
So the questions start
Probing your innermost parts
Grasping my every revelation
It’s an interrogation so deep
So thorough so complete
Yet unsatisfying all the same
Leaving us no choice
But to start again

A touch: How does it feel?
A caress: Did you miss this?
A tap: Do you like that?
A grind: Who does this belong to?
A thrust: Who loves you like I do?
Through the night it continues
The mother of all inquisitions
Till dawn breaks, but we do not
We will not recant!
Devotion won’t permit it
But we do confess
Till death do us part
And as the sun rises it’s still not over
So many questions left to ask
As we bask in the brightness of our passion

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

Text and Photo: Copyright © 2008 Xavier Pierre Jr. All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

Ok this is something. you really know what to say to get a girl wanting such connection with her dream man who ever he maybe...

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

@DLee: No doubt, connection is what it's all about.

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

CapCity said...

I looooovvvvvee when a Brother interrogates me like DAT! shewww! y'all photo sessions are SOMET'in ELSE;-).

& Janet was the perfect "accompaniment"(i think that's the word;-).

Shai said...

wow! Zay you and Ali are so open. I would feel funny having my pics out.

Lovebabz said...

WTF...GULP! Oh MY! Fan fan fan swoon. FAINT.



Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

@Cap: Hummmmm…. I bet you do my sistah, I bet you do. As for Janet, that was so perfect how the song and my poem fell together.

@Shai: Believe it or not, I’m very self-conscious about my body, but yes, Ali and I are very open. Frankly, these photos are NOTHING compared to what I reveal in my book. Publishing Lovers Anonymous is just about the scariest things I’ve ever done.

@Love: What’s wrong baby? Should I call 911? LOL

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

MysTery said...


You are a trip with these pictures. lol

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

@Mystery: So it's a nice trip? Thank you :-)

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

Kai C. said...

you are very welcome! :)

Standtall said...

First time here. Nice poem and the pic ebano.

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

@Kai: XOXO

@StandTall: Thank you. Welcome to Blogger's Delight.

Peace and Love,

Alizé (