Tuesday, February 5, 2008

To My Special Friend

Introduction: Touching
Wish expressed leads to fantasy fulfilled when poet’s heart is touched
By expressions of affection both deep and wide
Thus dipping my mighty quill in the fountain of your eyes
I seek to arouse the tender passion held inside

Submission: Total
Obey every word don’t question any rule
It’s a game only certain people can play
Don’t give in to fear give it all up
Do it now go all the way

Panties: Crotch-less
Let Victoria keep her secrets as Frederick’s
Reveals all in the land of the stars
Closer to home I see Uranus
Puckered and prepared to meet the wrath of Mars

Penetration: Complete
Stretching relaxing accommodating through contortion
begging point to be driven
While gracefully accepting the full measure of affection
Frightfully rigid yet so generously given

Conclusion: Climactic
Liquid passion flows down ebony towers
Red flames licking at their base
Gratitude abounds when dominance surrounds
Flesh adorned in leather and lace

PS: You are ORDERED not to thank me, the pleasure is all mine
Your tears of joy were ink enough to take us line by line.

Peace and Love,

Alizé (LoversA.blogspot.com)

Copyright © 2008 Xavier Pierre Jr. All rights reserved.


Mega Rich said...
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CapCity said...

Woowweee! They need fans up in this pahty! It's gitting hot in here - or is that just Zay's "section";-)? Good stuff, Bruh!

Sharon said...

Not sure that I'm grown enough to be reading this Zay ;) Talk about freakalicious...Next time give a sista some warning just to let her know something out of the ordinary is on the way!

Can anybody point me to the cold showers?!

nikki said...

daaaang dude! *reaching for the tissue*

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

@Mr. Annonymous: Cat got your tongue? LOL

@CapCity & Sharon: LOL I'm honored that my two newest friends approve. I mean all that sweating and fanning is approval right? XOX

@Nikki: If I got YOU reaching for a tissue, then I might just make it in the big city after all ;-)

BloggersDelight said...

Mr. Pierre - Thank you for sharing this passionate poem.

Anonymous said...

Dang Zay!
Back in the day, there was a famous local DJ in Houston who went by the name of "Captain Jack." His Friday night cry, calling out the party faithful at the local spot and on the radio was:


I concur.