Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dark Street Confessions #01

WARNING: Explicit language and graphic content.
Welcome to the first installment of Dark Street Confessions. My poem, When Fallen Doves Cry, is actually a preview for this ongoing fiction. In the first episode, the two characters from the poem are featured. This is a project I started a year and a half ago but put on the back burner so I could finish editing Lovers Anonymous. Since the publication of Lovers, I’ve tried to focus on the sequel, but I find myself wandering a bit. Poetry, essays, and short stories are taking my attention away from the sequel. Then a few days ago I remembered this project and decided to share it in this forum. I’ve decided to go with the creative flow and see where it takes me.
Though a work of fiction, it’s based on real people, real places and some real events and situations. Originally this project was a place to put all the story elements that would have been inappropriate for Lovers, either because they didn’t quite support the main theme of the book, or because I would be putting the dirty laundry of real people out into the world. Dark Street is the solution I came up with. By making it fiction, I’m able to change the story enough to hide the identity of the many guilty parties portrayed here. It also gives poetic license to polish my craft in anticipation of the many novels I intend to write. I look forward to the feedback of my esteemed peers.

Sincere Thanks


It was time to go home. Why was it always time to go home just when I was starting to have fun? The Bolero was closing and as Randy put it, I didn’t have to go home, but I couldn’t stay there. Logically, I should have wanted to go home. I lived in a nice place just 15 minutes up the mountain and I had a sexy wife who was hands down the best fuck I had ever had in my entire life. The problem is that she was Psychotic and wanted to kill me every time I came home drunk. Well I had a very simple solution: don’t go home. So, I went looking for trouble, and in this town, I didn’t have to go very far.
I circled around the block several times trying to decide. I wanted something different and I had spotted a person of interest on my last pass. As I approached the corner and came to a stop six girls surrounded my Honda Prelude. Number 7, my target, stood under the street light looking in the opposite direction. She was a new girl. Nice ass, pretty face, and perky tits, but she obviously didn’t know who was in charge. I’d have to fix that.
A Naomi Campbell body-double with an eager smile opened the passenger door and jumped in. “Hi lover, I been waiting for you.”
A young chick in a hot pink, ultra-mini and fishnet stockings reached in my window and grabbed my crotch. I turned to the girl on my right, “Did I fuckin’ tell you to get in?”
“Oh come on baby,” she protested, “you know ain’t nobody take care a you like me.”
I was stiff with anticipation but I casually removed the hand from my crotch and the other girls started to move away from the car. Without looking at my passenger, I told her what I wanted. “The new girl, get her over here.”
I looked at her standing next to the light post; so beautiful in a bright yellow one-piece that would have passed for a skirt but it was pulled up to cover her ample breasts and barely covered her crotch. The stretch material seemed to defy gravity as it adhered to her skin. Teasing me, she transferred her weight, first to one leg, then to the other, popping her hip obscenely each time she shifted. I was mesmerized until the girl sitting next to me flipped the visor to fix her hair.
I turned to her, “Hey! What the fuck did I tell you? Get her over here!”
“Come on,” she started, “you don’t need her.” As she spoke she leaned forward, put her head in my lap and proceeded to knead my hard-on with her mouth.
I was starting to get annoyed. “Simone! I’m not gonna tell you again.”
She sat up, “oh OK, but she can’t fuck fa shit anyway,” then she leaned out the window, “Tina! Get yo ass ova here.”
The girl turned towards us, slowly, almost defiantly, she reached in her tiny purse and pulled out a single cigarette and a box of matches. After lighting her cigarette, she started to walk towards the car, swinging her hips with each step, deliberately taking her sweet time. I couldn’t help smiling as I thought to myself, “Look at her, walking like she owns the damn street. I’m gonna enjoy fucking the shit out of this little bitch.”
Simone leaned out the window again and yelled, “Come on Tina we ain’t got all fuckin night!”
I looked at Simone, “We? What da fuck you talkin bout we?”
“Baby cone on” Simone pleaded, “Let me go too, take both of us. We’ll put on a show for you, I’ll do it all. Ya wanna see me finger her while you fucking her face? Would you like that baby?” She was massaging my balls as she spoke in a near whisper. “Then when you done wit her, drop her off and we’ll go back to my place and I’ll finish you off right.”
By now Tina was standing by the door and leaned in the passenger window. I erased the smile from my face and looked her in the eyes. “Come roun this side.”
She straightened up and took her time coming around to my side. Then leaned in my window. “So mista, we gonna do this or what?”
I looked at the goods and reached out to squeeze a tit, it was soft yet firm.
I put the car in drive, “Get in.”
Tina pointed to Simone, “What about her?”
I looked straight ahead and spoke with a hint of anger in my voice, “Don’t worry about how I spend my money, get in the car.”
Simone spoke up, “Come on Tina be cool. We’ll put on a show for him and he’ll pay us extra.”
Tina was shaking her head as she looked at me. “Fuck that, I don’t do that nasty shit. I’m fuckin YOU. She can watch and you can do whatever that fuck you want with her, but she beta not touch me.”
Simone leaned across my lap and yelled out the window, “Bitch you know you want this pussy even more than he does, who da fuck you think you are?”
“HEY!!” I yelled, “Both of you knock it off”
I looked at Tina and growled, “Get in the fucking car.”
Tina’s confidence was shaken a bit and she ran around to the passenger side. Simone got out and popped the seat forward so Tina could get in the back seat then got in and closed the door. I hit the accelerator hard and peeled away from the curb with a screech. As I rounded a turn, Tina went flying to the opposite side of the back seat as Simone cackled gleefully.
“Ow!” Tina yelled, “What’s your fucking problem?”
I laughed a bit and checked her out in the mirror to make sure she was OK. A few blocks later I turned another corner and pulled up to the curb outside El Cubano. This was the only place open 24 hours a day, and it was unique for many reasons. First of all, it had an upscale look but the menu changed at midnight to include the kind of stuff hard working girls needed to stay on their feet between clients, mostly soups and sandwiches. Another nice thing is you didn’t have to get out of the car. As I turned off my lights, a waiter got up from an uncomfortable looking black, wrought iron chair and came up to my window.
I ordered a 32 ounce Presidente and he just stood there for a bit. Finally he asked “Anything else sir... for the uh, ladies?”
I laughed at my oversight. “Ya hear that Simone, he wants to know what you ladies want.”
In my drunken state I was I laughing rather raucously. Simone laughed a bit, but her heart wasn’t in it. “I’ll have a regular Presidente” she said quietly.
From the back Tina said “I don’t want nothin, let’s jus get this ova with.”
I nodded to the waiter and he hurried off. I was still laughing as I looked in the mirror, “What’s the matter lil lady, you in a hurry ta get fucked?”
“No,” she replied, “I’m in a hurry ta get paid.”
“Don’t you worry about that, but ya bes believe I’ll make you earn that money.”
Simone giggled, “I know that’s right,” as she reached for my zipper.

(To be continued…)

Copyright © 2008 Xavier Pierre Jr. All rights reserved.

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Well, this is episode one. I'm working on episodes 2 and 3, and plan to post again next week.


Mizrepresent said...

Waiting on part have captured my attention.

BloggersDelight said...

This could be part two of Hustle and Flow. Vivid imagery.

Sharon said...

You already know my thoughts on this...I'm learning and it is the greatest feeling ever! I posted a poem here earlier this week called Learning. Funny how everyone with whom I have made a recent acquaintance seems to be a Teacher for me. Life is definitely a learning experience and I am certainly enjoying the training ;)