Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Granny whacked mommy with a tamarind switch
Bled her to womanhood ‘fore nature’s course
Mama smacked sis with a bamboo stick
Dots and dashes more controlled the Morse

Sis got a tot out of wedlock
Cutest little kid
What you think sis did?

My little niece fell ill last week
Bed-ridden, near gone
Doc says was something in her head

Three generations of silence
Not a whole lot said
But so much passed on



princesa said...

How's ur niece now?
I ope everything is okay.

CapCity said...

whoa...bygpowis....this is powerful from the male perspective.

seems we're on a similar wavelength ...bloodlines and histories....

glad to be "here" with u...

Sojourner G said...

Oh wow! Who is the new kid on the block?! Nice!

bygpowis said...

whoooooa! this is strictly fiction. got a good family an' all. we got the same drama as most folks but no physical sh-- like this. but always glad to see words can be that real to folk.

Mizrepresent said...

Very deep and...no words luv...u just made me feel it...and that's a good thing!

bygpowis said...

nkotb? just your everyday bro with somethin' to say every now and when.

glad to be anywhere widchu.

my words can make those dimples "feel it"? and that's a good thing.

smoking guns said...

Forget new kid on the block. Sounds like new playa on the block. It's getting crowded in here. - lol - On the real, you brought the funk. Welcome to the party.

Mega Rich said...

BYG POW in the house!! That was on point right there.

BloggersDelight said...

An intense piece, indeed, Bygpowis.