Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Day

Today was a beautiful day:
The sun shone so bright
Birds sang in the light
The jams on the radio were tight
Me and ol' girl didn't fight
I asked for a raise, boss said he might
Traffic wasn't too bad, it was aiight
Made it back to the crib before it was night
She was in her negligee, what a sight
Will sleep well tonight
Sho nuff feelin' right.

Today was a horrible day:
He hit me, he hit me again today
Don't seem to be able to stay out of his way
Kids saw the black eye, sent them out to play
I've run out of excuses; things to say
Why am I still here, now for the 9th May?
Don't think I can stand it for another day
I want to get out, I just need a way
Here he comes again, "Father help me" I pray

Today was an interesting day:
Headed to the spot in a gansta lean
Brim down, collar up, tryna look mean
Ready to spit when I make it to the scene
Grab the mic, pull it down start to blow out steam
The crowd starts to sway, I'm on the mic like a fiend
I paused to take a breath and I heard a girl scream
Was gonna rip my shirt but I was lookin too clean
A voice said, "Get to work and stop playin', GENE"
Damn, day dreamin' at the copy machine

Today was a jacked up day:
I was on the run, just hit up that bank
Cops chasin' me down, and weren't shootin' blanks
Made it to the sewer it was cold and dank
Rats everywhere and what is that stank?
Almost drowned if it wudn't for that plank
Floated me down, dropped me off in the river near the bank
Made it free and clear, didn't care I smelled rank
Saw the gun in my face and my hard heart sank
Now here I sit in a 6 x 6 tank
Contemplatin' my future, what you thank?

Today was an emotional day:
'Round 1:30 AM, brought a change to my world
I just witnessed the birth of my first little girl
Skin so perfect, hair all in a curl
Mixed emotions crashed in on me, put my mind in a whirl
What will the future hold for my little Pearl?
The endless possibilities enough to make me hurl
The site of all that blood enough to make my toes curl
But I chilled, maintained, let my thoughts unfurl
Mom didn't survive delivery...what will we do Pearl?

Days come
Days go

All things are possible through Him:

As long as there is
Another Day

Psa 118:24

©SojournerG 2007 All rights reserved


MzPoetiK said...

Am I really first? :)
I liked this...very cute...loved the flow and message.

Don said...

Sojourner, that was an ultra-talented piece. Love the way you faithfully captured the different emotions, especially on the 'interesting day.

Good stuff

Mega Rich said...

That was tight. You all are making me scroll down to see who's writing what. I actually thought it as Don at first. Good job Sojourner -- you are giving different looks.

Femigog said...

you've done it again! Very lyrical

CapCity said...

Looks like SOMEbody's stepping into new "waters", so we can't put him into a category very neatly:-). Gon' whichaBadSelf, Brother SoG. Love it!

Anonymous said...

@Mz Poetic-Aww bless ya heart!

@Don-Thank you sir. We all have all types of different days, but they all end and if the Lord allows, we wake up to another, full of its own opportunities.

@Rich-A lot a folks are puttin' Don and I together lately. The brother is talented. I take it as a compliment. As far as the rest...a little of this, a little of that. Thanks Bruh!

@Fem-I'm mostly a 70s band type of cat, but I was there when hip hop jumped off (anybody remember "King Tim III" by Fatback?) so I guess I have a li'l of that in me too.

@CAP-Howya been Sis? Experimentation can be a pretty fun thing. Thanks!

lea78 said...

OOH I just love this piece. Are you an empath b/c you tapped into a lot of people's emotions. what am i feeling right now? LOL! Go to my blog and you will know :)

KimPossible said...

Nice blog. This is so good.

This blog shows God's grace. We have good days and we have bad. But on any day God is with us and He is always looking out for us. I think that our problem sometimes is that we tend not to let God in every space in our lives. We tend to have rooms in our lives that we won't allow him to go in. You know how back in the day your grandmother had junk rooms and when she had guest you had better not open that door. That's how we do God. When the truth of the matter is if we let Him into ALL areas of our personal space and give Him an invitation to handle it for us. That's when He can move and do His thang! But, we have to invite Him first because He is such a gentlemen He is not going to force His way in. We have not because we ask not right? It's just that simple. When are we going to get that He really is the MAN!

I will be back on your blog! Great post.

Keep in touch and drop by my blog spot.

Anonymous said...


@kimpossible-The interesting thing about that is this, "All things are naked and open to Him with whom we have to do." Whether we let Him in or not, He sees all and knows all. If more of us knew that, much of our behavior would be different.

Nicetameetcha! I'm also at Feel free to visit any time!

Don said...

@sojourner: I try, hope, do, can, will learn from the framework of yesterday because I know, see, experience where tomorrow offers quiz

BloggersDelight said...

An honest & lyrical look at the various emotions and "days" of our lives. Great piece!