Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thank you to ALL who came to Rock This Party!

It is now 2014 and our last poem was posted in 2012. We all know Technology and our World is changing quickly. There are many new innovations in Social Media that pulls our attention away from these "old school blogs." The founders of Bloggers' Delight will always be grateful to those who joined our Literary Blog Party and we hope you'll continue to enjoy digging in our Archives/Crate when you need a Li'l Ol' School Inspiration.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Who Will Cry For the Little Boy, Trayvon Martin?

(Inspired by the poem in the movie,  "Antwon Fisher")

Who will cry for the little boy
Walking home from the store
Who will cry for the little boy
With potential galore?

Who will cry for the little boy
Armed with skittles and tea
Who will cry for the little boy
Harmless as can be?

Who will cry for the little boy
One hundred and forty pounds
Who will cry for the boy
On gated community grounds?

Who will cry for the boy
What makes him seem suspicious?
Who will cry for the little boy
Gunned down by a man so vicious

Who will cry for the little boy
Who cried and cried HELP
Who will cry for the little boy
Who fought all by himself

Who will cry for the little boy
Who had dreams of succeeding
Who will cry for the little boy
Who now lays bleeding

Who will cry for the little boy
Justice has NOT been served
Who will cry for the little boy
The system has become unnerved

Who will cry for the little boy
Who the world has come to know
Who will cry for the little boy
Made to reap where he did not sow

Who will cry for Trayvon Martin???

Will you???


By Christoph Jenkins

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A firefly

A firefly (another love poem) 10-22-11

A firefly, she goes and goes
In the summer nights
I'm just like her, I shoot and shoot
A star you see racin across the solar system
Make a wish and I'll float down into
Your arms
Just a gold sun-ray firefly, I land my flight upon your side and bright you all up
Darlin with a touch of your hand is where I
Rest my heart is
Please don't let me go, I am fallin in love
Would you catch me, and for us to stand in love?
I wanna be your firefly just like the way you're my gorgeous comet
That blasted down to earth
Nobody know you're an angel til I tell the world so
Nobody knows you're like my lucky penny
But me
A firefly, my pleasure is all yours
Don't you forget that
Cos my love will make you shine
If you ever give me a chance in this time around
Wings on my back, I'd soar around you
I'd come to you for every mile that has never been driven on
Trust me, I'll be your firefly shimmerin the gold on your way
I'll be your chosen one if you ever gaze at me
For so long
For your heart skips, I'd flutter everywhere you are
With stolen kisses from your perfect round mouth
Oh I believe in fate that I do belong to you
Even if we haven't met each other,
Before our lifetime beginnings
I'm your chosen firefly, the one who lives inside your soul----
© Kai C.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eff what they say...I'm Miz!

So i have been thinking, comtemplating about all of the reality shows and the drama that we allow to encompass our lives, sometimes on the daily. I admit, i watch them, Basketball Wives, Football Wives, Bad Girls Club, etc...and even though at times they cause me to reek and choke, most times i laugh and cuss. Yes, believe or not Miz cusses the TV for ignorance. I watch them all...from the beginning to the end, from their secession "Real World", "Survivor", "Big Brother", to the likes of the above. I admit, "I am Miz...an I am a Reality Show Junkie". So be it, but i am also a thinker, a lover, a mother, a daughter, an aunt...and so much more. So here's my take.

BasketBall Wives - should be called "Jumpoffs, Ex-BabyMama's and such", bc not most of these women are wives, are ex's or will never be more than a babymama.

Football Wives - didn't live long enough to make an impact, so Ce La Vie!

Real Housewives of Atlanta - 90% of y'all wasn't housewives in the first place, so why, just why are you on my tv, (sidenote - love the drama though, in bits and pieces).

I would really like to present to you new shows, VH1 and Bravo. Just go with the grit...hear me?

"Jumpoffs, Babymama's and such"

"Ex-wives - the real business"

"The Dirty, Dirty" - a tell all type of show.

"The Real Merger" - meeting those who have it, with those who don't. Is it really about money or looks, let's see.

Me, myself, don't think i would appear in any of these or the forementioned above episodes. I would have to get a "grip" for fighting and the like, and i just don't see myself lowering my standards to be "somewhat famous" for being a bitch or the like. I hate alot of the terminology, "females", "hoes", "bitches". In fact, i don't like any negative terminology regarding women. WE are so much more than that. We don't represent, identify, or acknowlege those terms as a "terms of endearment", not at all.

So say, what you want, feel how you feel...but i say, "Eff what they say, I'm MIZ"! And you are YOU!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sad Don't Last Alwayz...

Sadly,  Sistah L.A. Banks lost her fight with cancer as did Brother Nick Ashford. Prayers go out to all those who have suffered loss as a result of the crazy weather we've been experienced lately. Just remember: Sadness don't last Alwayz ... Praying that LIFE is STILL GOOD to ya!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

PLEASE Pray 4 Amazing Author & Beautiful Spirit: L.A. Banks

PLEASE pray for Sister Leslie Esdaile Banks! If you don't know - she is the FANTASTIC author of a "gazillion" books - most recently famous for her paranormal series: L.A. Banks. In addition, to all that, she is one of the warmest people I've ever met. Sadly, she has been diagnosed with cancer; if you're on Facebook Click Here to read more.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy National Poetry Month Everyone!

Hope all is well your way and God is blessing you! Will be posting soon!

Take care!

~Chari (Formally mysTery)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I've embraced a spirit i can no longer deny...

One that leaves me lying in a pool of innocence, seeping with regret and yet swirling in the promise...

I seek you, embed you, want you with a soul that i don't even remember

You are the compounds of my life, the spirit of my heart and and i heart you every chance i get

You are indescribable, so predictable, quietly delectable, so so desirable...

You make me reach, and scrabble and claim and proclaim...

that this is where i wanna be...no, this is where i'm supposed to be, with u.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Dare Not

I want to tell her how very weak I am for her
But I dare not
How I long for the sweet sound of her voice
That laugh springing forth from the child in her
But no
How I want to talk words, music, pictures and my soul
How unnecessary it is to give second thought to the surface
With her

Should I tell her she's as comfortable as flannel sheets with satin class
Kool-Aid in a crystal goblet
That I'm mated to her in ways that I both despise and live for
Absolutely not

One more

Hmmph! Would only lead to more of the same and then
More of that other same


There is no substitute for the diamonds to be found in all that ground
And I crave those jewels
Sometimes with everything in me
Those memories shake me to this day
I know she quakes too
Why are things so ordered
Why are there games
Why do we bleed

Why not


Should I tell her how very weak I am for her

For what
To what end

I dare not

©SojournerG 2010
All rights reserved

Been a long time family.
...just for old time's sake.
Hope all are well and prosperous.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary to BD2Write, all contributors & readers!

To all who come through to Party with us while sharing
your thoughts & creativity:
THANK YOU for contributing to the Magic!

We are Blessed by some of the most Creative Contributors in the Blog-o-sphere & that's HUGE!
We may not Rock often - but We ROCK STEADY!

*Click image for source

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Decided this is too good to keep to MY Blog & have 2 Share here, too:-)

YAYYY! I was hanging out with Ms. Cunningham, ManChild & His MOM when I finally met Sistah K.i.A. . When Ms. K.i.A. told me who she was I was SOO excited!
We met Saturday, July 17th while at the Harlem Book Fair after hearing the
INCREDIBLE Sonia Sanchez.

After hearing Ms. Sanchez & Meeting Ms. K.i.A. Manchild's Mom, Ms. Cunningham & I were FURTHER blessed to run into Author Extra-ordinaire, L.A. Banks!

I stopped by Ms. K.i.A's blog & learned about this website that analyzes your writing & compares it to a more famous author. I'm pretty pleased w/ my "findings":

I write like
William Gibson

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Last night

We made love last night
Nice and slow
We made love last night
Until you made me glow
We made love last night
Just me and you
We made love last night
This time it felt real...true
We made love last night
Until I couldn't take it anymore
We made love last night 
From the couch to the floor
We made love last night
Internally and externally connected
We made love last night
It was far beyond what I ever expected
We made love last night